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In Google Ads - Certified in Search, Display, Shopping, Video, and Mobile advertising. Besides Google Ads, I manage Bing Ads campaigns. (Microsoft Advertising Certified Professional).

I worked on over 500 Google Ads accounts! I am also an expert in running proper Facebook Ad Campaigns to get you targeted (interest or Geo) audience.


I am now a specialist in searching for the right content, updating pages/accounts, and grow businesses of my clients organically. Before accepting your business, I will talk with you to learn enough about it.


Besides stellar track-record handling PPC campaigns, I will work with you to improve weak points in your sales funnel. My primary motivation is to make a difference in your profits. Bringing your web traffic is nice, but often the client’s site is suboptimal and a lot of money is being left on the table. As someone who managed marketing for a lot of clients, I am providing you with turnkey online marketing – not only do I bring you prospects, I also make sure you learn how to convert them and increase your revenue

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